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China reopen schools. 中国学校重启。


Recently some schools in China resume classes. They strictly follow the epidemic control and prevention measures and have mandated that students and teachers must have their temperatures measured and sanitize their hands upon arrival.




Each person must also wear a mask throughout the day, through the whole process from entering to leaving the school, except during mealtimes.



Students need to get their temperatures checked at the front gate. Those with high temperatures will be rechecked three times, and if their temperatures are still high, they will be sent to the hospital. Their temperatures will also be checked again before they enter the classroom.




They have to follow the social distancing rules all day and sit separately in the canteen.




In a primary school in Hangzhou, in order to prevent students from gathering, and to allow students to maintain a certain safety distance. The teacher asked the students to make their own special hats and wear a “one-meter hat” for class.



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