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Chinese language immersion program at Bohunt School


The immersion program and especially the inclusion of Mandarin in Bohunt School has seen widespread acclaim through the British Council and HSBC's National Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition where students from Bohunt have attained the top 3 places 3 years in a row, with 2 out of the 3 achieving first place.


Furthermore, before Prime Minister David Cameron's trip to China in 2013, students from the program were invited to 10 Downing Street, to give him a Mandarin lesson.


Students in the immersion group have a more positive attitude to learning than those outside the immersion group, according to Philip Avery, Director of Learning and Strategy for Bohunt School.

学校主管学习的Philip Avery 主任认为,接受浸入式教学的学生往往比其他学生更加积极。

"That gap opens up during their first year and it stays all the way through their time with us. How they perceive themselves as learners, how they perceive learning and how they perceive school is more positive," adds he.


"They find it hard to study a subject in another language and that builds resilience, you have to have good listening skills and you are going to have to work collaboratively with others". However, he adds that the most noticeable benefit is the increase in the students' confidence.


Through this learning method, many students from Bohunt School grows great interest in Chinese language and China. 



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