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Intensive 1-on-1 online Learning

Focusing on each student’s individual level, interests, and goals, our 45-minute private classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results.Once your study plan is set, you’re ready to start learning with our interactive lessons.

Video Interactive Lessons

Learn Chinese by watching videos with interesting stories and Characters, ONLY take 5 minutes each day. Follow Chinlingo and become a Chinese ace!


We build awesome courses for  learning Chinese

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Themba Mabona

(Switzerland) 瑞士

Chen lets me know exactly what I should be working on, extremely valuable information for a novice, as there are so many different aspects of 汉语 to focus on! She made all points crystal clear, adapted to my pace. Am very much looking 4ward to next class!

Frank Liu

(England) 英国华侨

Very friendly and interactive lesson. My teacher Vera is a very demanding teacher – making me work so hard! And my Chinese assistant, Yvonne, always following up to check my learning and arrange the classes for me. I’m very satisfied with the teaching and service. Thank you!

Adrian Jordan

(England) 英国

Great fun 🙂 My teacher is patient and informative! She is very keen to teach me grammar and vocabulary which is practical, to aid my daily Chinese which is extremely useful. I feel that I am improving everyday!


(Pakistan) 巴基斯坦

It was really fruitful class I learn a lo. Teacher was so genius and friendly. I will recommend Chinlingo to all Chinese learning students. Thank you Chinlingo for such wonderful classes.

Jeremy Groce

(America) 美国

The teacher is very good. She is very nice, speaks clearly, explains things. And her English is excellent. I learned a lot!

Thiri Ye Htut

(Birmania) 缅甸

Jaden is an excellent teacher. He made me feel comfortable and he explained in detail before I was even able to ask the question. I enjoyed the platform it was easy to operate.


Professional Chinese Teachers

All of our teachers are fluent in Chinese . They are highly qualified and trained to teach in an online environment to give their students the best possible learning experience.

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