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How to Bargain in Chinese in the Fruit Store?|在水果店




Fruit is good for our health and is an essential part of our life.  So, suppose you’re in China and want to buy some fruits at the fruit shop, what would you say?

There are many common sentences and words you can use.

  1. 苹果(apple)

“我想买些XX” can be used to tell shop assistants what you want to buy so that they can help you find them quickly.


  1. 芒果(mango)

You can use “请帮我挑一些XX” to ask the shop assistant to pick some good fruits for you when you don’t know what to choose.


  1. 梨(pear)

When the seller tells you the price of the fruit, he’ll often say “XX+price+一斤”.

  1. 桃子(peach)

You can use “XX可以便宜点儿卖吗?” to bargain with the shopkeeper.

  1. 樱桃(cherry)

“XX+一斤+多少钱” means you are asking about the unit price of an item.

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