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What’s Chinese People’s Favorite Food in Summer?|夏天中国人最喜欢的食物


The hot summer makes people hot and unbearable, and food is a good way to relieve the heat. So what kind of food does the Chinese like to eat in summer?


  1. 水果:西瓜、桃子、李子、葡萄、樱桃等各种时令水果,既解渴又消暑。

Fruits: Watermelon, peach, plum, grape, cherry, and other seasonal fruits can quench thirst and relieve summer heat.







  1. 冰淇淋、冰棍等各种冷饮,是炎炎夏日的最佳伴侣。

Ice cream, popsicles and other cold drinks are the best companion in the hot summer


  1. 凉拌菜:凉拌黄瓜、凉拌茄子、凉拌豆腐皮、凉拌面等,清凉爽口。

Salad: cucumber salad, Cool Braised Noodles, cool and refreshing.



  1. 冰粉:是著名的夏季小吃,冰凉香甜,嫩滑爽口

Bingfen, a famous summer snack, is cool, sweet, tender, and refreshing.


  1. 绿豆汤:绿豆汤是一种传统的消暑饮品,具有清热解毒、消暑止渴的作用。

Mung bean soup: Mung bean soup is a traditional summer drink, which has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving summer heat, and quenching thirst.


  1. 凉皮:凉皮是一种由面粉制成的凉菜,可凉拌、炒制或煮汤,口感滑爽。

Liangpi: a cold dish made of flour, which can be stirred, stir-fried, or boiled with a smooth taste.



These are just some of the foods that Chinese people like in summer. Chinese food culture is very rich, and the choices in summer are very diverse.

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