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Themba Mabona

(Switzerland) 瑞士

Chen lets me know exactly what I should be working on, extremely valuable information for a novice, as there are so many different aspects of 汉语 to focus on! She made all points crystal clear, adapted to my pace. Am very much looking 4ward to next class!

Frank Liu

(England) 英国华侨

Very friendly and interactive lesson. My teacher Vera is a very demanding teacher – making me work so hard! And my Chinese assistant, Yvonne, always following up to check my learning and arrange the classes for me. I’m very satisfied with the teaching and service. Thank you!

Adrian Jordan

(England) 英国

Great fun 🙂 My teacher is patient and informative! She is very keen to teach me grammar and vocabulary which is practical, to aid my daily Chinese which is extremely useful. I feel that I am improving everyday!


(Pakistan) 巴基斯坦

It was really fruitful class I learn a lo. Teacher was so genius and friendly. I will recommend Chinlingo to all Chinese learning students. Thank you Chinlingo for such wonderful classes.

Jeremy Groce

(America) 美国

The teacher is very good. She is very nice, speaks clearly, explains things. And her English is excellent. I learned a lot!

Thiri Ye Htut

(Birmania) 缅甸

Jaden is an excellent teacher. He made me feel comfortable and he explained in detail before I was even able to ask the question. I enjoyed the platform it was easy to operate.

Professional Teachers

Experienced Chinese teachers (over 3 years), young and enthusiast Chinese teachers are at your disposal anytime.

Diversified courses

From pronunciation to words, and from vocabulary expansion to complete conversations, all are concise, interesting and easy to learn.

Learning Community

Practice immediately after classes with other members in an organized group with Chinlingo’s most experienced teacher.

Step 1

Personalized Learning Plans

Chinese Proficiency Test

Our free online test accurately assesses your level in two key areas:
Listening: Audio-based questions gauge your level of oral comprehension.
Reading: Ten questions on a short text will assess your reading comprehension in Chinese.

Trial Class with real teachers

After communicating with your current level of Chinese or a quick 10 minute placement test, we invite you to experience a 20 minutes to our interesting and effective class  with our passionate and professional teacher.


Try 1-on-1 trial class >

Step 2 Learning online

Video Interactive Lessons

video courses

Pinyin for zero beginners

Learn Chinese Pinyin with interesting short clips!



Common Chinese Words

By learning the course, you will be able to expand your Chinese vocabulary and promote your communication skill in Chinese rapidly.



Business Chinese learning

Chinlingo Chinese Dialogue helps you understand more about Chinese language and Chinese business culture.


Step 2 Learning online

1-on-1 Live Classes

Intensive 1-on-1 Learning

Focusing on each student’s individual level, interests, and goals, our 45-minute private classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results.

Customized your learing plan

Whether you want to explore Chinese culture, preparing for an exam, an upcoming business trip or a presentation at work, our teachers will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals. Request your own topic, date, time and make an own learning plan with a private teacher.

Learn with Live Teachers

Experienced Chinese teachers (over 3 years), young and enthusiast Chinese teachers are at your disposal anytime. Most teachers are graduated from Major of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. At least 1 year overseas teaching experience and the Certificate of International Chinese Teacher make our teachers highly qualified and professional.

Professional Chinese teachers

All of our teachers are fluent in Chinese . They are highly qualified and trained to teach in an online environment to give their students the best possible learning experience. With passion and experience, our teachers will ensure a challenging, effective, yet fun way of learning for each student.

He Qi

Majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, holds the Qualification Certificate of International Chinese teacher
Have been a Chinese teacher for 11 years, taught more than 8000 hours of Chinese lessons
3 years at college in Thailand, 2 and half years at Confucius Institute in the UK, one year in Xiamen University.
My students, aged from 4 to 81 years old, come from all over the world, with various language & cultural backgrounds.
I have been well popular and have made many good friends along the way.
Looking forward to making friends with you!

Tian Zhuyu

Education background: Beijing normal university, major in master of teaching Chinese as a second language, holds the Qualification Certificate of International Chinese teacher

She has more than three years of experience. She is patient, humor and responsible, good at enlightening and guiding students in the class, during learning she prefers to meet diverse needs form students. She helps you not only improve language skills but also learn more about native culture.

Zhao Xing

Education background: Beijing normal university, major in Master of teaching Chinese as a second language, holds Qualification Certificate of International Chinese teacher

Miss. Zhao has 3 years of working experience in Chinese as a foreign language. She taught at Confucius Institute of Manchester University for one year, with strong professional ability.

She loves Chinese music and literature. Gentle and delicate, good at teaching Grade 1-3.



Education background:Jilin International Studies University, major in Master of  Chinese International Education, holds qualified certificate of international Chinese teacher.

has 3 years’ teaching experience, and 2 years’ online teaching experience, she is an optimistic and energetic person. I love teaching Chinese to foreigners.

Chendeng Yuanyan
Chinese Teaching Experience: worked as a voluntary Chinese language teacher in Thailand in 2009;
gave lessons to the summer vacation classes of visiting students from the Philippines in 2010;
gave lessons to students ranging from the beginner level to the advanced level and from countries including South Korea, Japan, Britain, the US, and Denmark.

Hao Lihua

Flora Hao, a master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.
She has taught mandarin in New Zealand for two years, helped lots of students with their mandarin.
Many people think mandarin is so hard to learn, but not with her.
She will make it very easy and clear to you,
no matter what your goal is.

Cheng Lan


Having rich teaching experience Chinese teaching.
During 2013-2014, she was a presenter in Chinese Embassy in UK;Teacher in London South Bank University.

Liu Jinzhi
A dedicated and experienced Chinese teacher who creates a positive learning environments for students based upon mutual respect and trust.
She got Bachelor of art at the major of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
She is passionate in teaching Chinese,
which is a part of what makes her keep working in this field in different countries for the past 4 years.

Step 2 Learning online

Specialised 1-on-1 Courses

The rapid-developing Chinese economy is globalizing the Chinese language and culture at a faster pace. Business Chinese has become much in demand worldwide.


Chinese learners who have a weak foundation of Chinese learning but plans or hopes to travel to China.


Develop the skills you need to pass your HSK1-6 tests with our online preparation courses.


Step 3


Our 10 levels of Chinlingo Chinese Live courses are aligned with the internationally-recognized standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) from level A1 to C2 and Chinese proficiency Test (HSK) Level1 to Level 6
You’ll earn a certified Chinese diploma for each level you pass, making it easy to demonstrate your Chinese fluency to friends, universities and employers worldwide. You can even add your certification to LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

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