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Some Helpful Tips For Learning Chinese. 了解中文并选择最好的学习方法

The video introduces the Chinese language by using English, such as history, the development, and some features of this language. After watching this video, you may have a fresh look at Chinese and find better methods to learn it.


All Chinese languages are tonal languages. The meaning of a word depends on the tone or the tones that you say it with. If you change the tone and the meaning of the word changes. So if you want to learn Chinese well, you need to pay attention to the four tones.所有的汉语都是声调语言。单词的含义取决于声调,即词义会随着声调的不同而发生变化。因此,如果你想学好汉语,一定要注意四个声调。



There are 7 main dialect groups in Chinese. For foreigners, Mandarin may be your best choice to start. Because it’s the official language and almost every Chinese person you meet can speak Mandarin, they also can understand your Mandarin.汉语有7个主要的方言群。对于外国人而言,普通话可能是你开始学习的最佳选择。因为这是通用的官方语言,所以几乎你遇到的每个中国人都会说普通话,他们也可以理解说的普通话。


Written System

Chinese is written in Chinese characters “Hanzi”. Every single character represents entire words or entire units of meaning. It’s better for you to know more meaning of a single character as much as possible. It can really help you understand the words, even the sentences’ meanings.中文用汉字来书写。每个汉字代表整个单词或整个结构的意思。你要尽量了解更多的汉字的含义,这样才能更好地帮助您理解单词甚至句子的意思。


Word Order

Mandarin is generally SVO. It’s helpful for you to keep this basic order in your mind.普通话通常是主谓宾。请记住这个顺序,这会对你学习汉语很有帮助。


Here are some methods of Chinese learners. They can speak Chinese very well!




What methods else do you usually use when you learn Chinese? Please recommend with us in the comments section below!


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