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Some Chinese Words for the Labor Day 和劳动节有关的中文词汇



1st,May is International Labor Day. Here are usages of “láo dòng” and some cultural tips about it!



词语 Words 


Jīntiān xīn yuánɡōnɡ hé ɡōnɡsī qiāndìnɡ le láodònɡ hétonɡ.


The new employee signed a labor contract with the company today.



Zhēnxī nónɡmín de láodònɡ ɡuǒshí, bùyào lànɡfèi liánɡshi.


Cherish the fruits of the peasants’ labor and do not waste food.



Tǐlì láodònɡ hé nǎolì láodònɡ yīyànɡ zhídé zūnzhònɡ.


Physical work is as respectable as mental work.



Wǒ de bàba shì quánɡuó láodònɡ mófàn.


My dad is a national labor model.



Jīntiān shì suǒyǒu láodònɡ rénmín de jiérì.


Today is a holiday for all working people.




文化小贴士 Cultural Tips 

According to Labor Law of the PRC, the State shall practice a working hour system under which laborers shall work for no more than eight hours a day and no more than 44 hours a week on the average.




The employing unit shall guarantee that its staff and workers have at least one day off in a week. If the employing unit extends working hours due to special reasons, the extended hours shall not exceed three hours a day under the condition that the health of laborers is guaranteed. However, the total extension in a month shall not exceed thirty-six hours.



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