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Foreigner’s Chinese composition amuses Chinese netizens



A photograph of a foreigner’s beginner’s Mandarin composition has (probably unbeknownst to him) been uploaded to popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo and is currently being gleefully forwarded by Chinese netizens, having already been shared 3,000 times and with over 600 comments. The original uploader comments: Is this how laowai feel when they see our English compositions…?



Netizens are finding the lack of grammatical errors impressive, despite the simplicity of the content, and especially appreciate the pithy conclusion.Translation of the composition:



Last weekend, Xiao Li gave Xiao Bai a phone call to invite her out to eat dinner. Because Xiao Bai loves Xiao Li, she was very happy. They went to Xiao Bai’s favorite restaurant. When they arrived, they got a table and ordered some food. Although Xiao Bai really likes cabbage, she isn’t a vegetarian. Xiao Bai ordered a plate of Homestyle Tofu, as well as two plates of beef. Xiao Li ordered two bowls of rice and one bowl of spicy-sour soup. The server brought the food very quickly.



After they finished eating, Xiao Li wanted to pay the bill, but had a large problem. He forgot to bring money! Right now he does not even have one yuan. Xiao Li is very embarrassed. He let Xiao Bai pay. Right now Xiao Bai does not love Xiao Li.



In the lower right corner, the teacher remarks:”Excellent!”


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