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How to learn chinese alphabet

how to learn Chinese alphabet? you must know what is Chinese alphabet. Actually, Chinese is not a letter language,we don’t use letters to make words to record the language, there is no alphabet of words.But we borrow Roman letters to record our phonetic system to help us to remember the pronunciation of words(Characters), the system we call it “Pinyin”.

Pinyin is a Roman letters recorded system,which divided  into three parts which are called Initials, Finals and Tones.

There are 21 initials in Chinese Pinyin: b p m f  d t n l   g k h   j q x    z c s   zh  ch sh r

There are 35 finals in Chinese  Pinyin:  Single one:  a o e i u ü

Compounded finals: ai ei ao ou an ang ia ie iao iou ian iang iong in ing uo ua uo uai uan uang uen ueng ün üe üan -i(zi)  -i(chi)  er

There are 4 tones in Chinese  Pinyin: first tone——high&flat tone     second tone——raising tone         third tone——falling and then raising      fourth tone—falling


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