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Feng shui | 风水

What is Fengshui?



Fengshui is a system of ancient Chinese knowledge, which is mainly used to orient dwellings and tombs.It helps pick locations, directions and designs.



Some people believe Fengshui is capable of affecting the fate of a family and future of younger generations.



Fengshui is more or less based on science, being closely related to astronomy and geography and directly connected with traditional Chinese philosophies as tai chi and octagonal diagram.



The main concept of Feng shui is the harmony between man and nature.Fengshui studies consider basic conditions heaven, earth, wind and water namely human beings rely on to survive. Therefore, people must remain in harmonious contact with them.



In China, those who study Feng shui are called Feng shui master. Typically, they are consulted when a family needs to move its location, choose a cemetery or resolve difficult issues. Feng shui masters rely on their compass and other tools to locate best positions in a given environment for obtaining good luck and avoiding bad luck, which in turn,helps the inquirers solve their problems.



A few general principles include: dwellings had better face south; mirrors shouldn’t be placed anywhere close to the headboard. When the surroundings go against Feng shui principles, actions can be taken to reverse the situation. These may involve digging a lake, building fences, and hanging up a mirror. Some of the extensive array of Feng shui theories are based on science and therefore well worth studying.

在中国,看分水的人被叫做风水先生或风水师。每逢搬家选址、选择墓地和解决疑难问题时,人们大多会向风水先生请教。风水先生用罗盘等工具,结合具体环境,寻找最有利于趋吉避凶的方位,帮助求助者排忧解难。比如宅地 要坐北朝南,床头最好不要摆放镜子等。如果有不合风水的地方,要通过人工的设计来改变,比如造湖、围墙、挂镜子等等。风水有些科学的、值得我们利用的智慧。


Resource: 《Hello, China



生词: useful words:

风水: fēngshuǐ  feng shui

和谐:  héxié       harmony

天文: tiānwén    astronomy

地理:dì lǐ         geography

前途:  qián tú      future

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