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Facts about modern China culture

Let me tell you the facts about modern Chinese culture to help you live or travel better in China

1 “Pay on the phone”手机支付(shǒu jī zhī fù) VS “pay by cash”现金支付(xiàn jīn zhī fù)

As we all know, Chinese people use a phone to shop online very often. You can see Alipay and Wechat’s QR code everywhere. Even some small breakfast stores will use them. It is more convenient and safe. People hold their phones anytime anywhere, the thief has no chance to steal them.



2 “Sharing- series” 共享系列(gòng xiǎng xì liè) helps the life more convenient and environmentally

Although driving cars and taking the bus is very convenient, but they will produce pollutions. Nowadays Chinese people use sharing bikes共享单车(gòng xiǎng dān ché) to replace them. You can see the “yellow bikes” everywhere. And you only need one yuan to use it.
And these sharing-series become more and more normal. You can use a sharing-shopping car共享购物车(gòng xiǎng gòu wù ché) in the market. You only need to put one yuan coin in the groove, then you can take it away. While you put your car back, the lock will close and open the groove, you can take back your coin.


3 Regimen in China 中国的养生之道(zhōng guó de yǎng shēng zhī dào)

How to live for a longer time? When people get much money, they will consider this question. Sometimes you work very hard to earn a higher salary but something wrong will happen to your body.
So, keeping healthy is an important part of today’s Chinese life.
They will eat ancient Chinese herbal cuisine and drink bitter Chinese medicine to condition their bodies.
Another way to the regimen in China is massage. Some ancient ways can really reduce the pressure. According to the acupuncture point, if your organs have some hurts, you will feel aching at the corresponding point. That is the warning of your body.

4 “3D” productions

Do you know http://www.wuxiaworld.com/. There are a lot of fantasy novels and light novels from China. Some of them will be made to an anime in China in 3D.
Chinese ancient clothes are fixed to be 3D. Both games and animes are beautiful.
“3D” is the technique widely used to produce anime in today’s China.


5Culture blends 文化交融(wén huà jiāo róng)

With the development of science and technology, China becomes more international. You can see lots of culture blends in the daily life.
South Korean
South Korea’s fashion style has a deep influence on Chinese people. If you log in Taobao, you will find so many Koren style clothes.

When it comes to Japan, most people will think about their anime. But there are other areas attracting Chinese more than anime.
Japanese card game(JCG) has a big group of customers in China. More and more game company imitate them to make new games.

To adapt globalization, more and more Chinese people learn to speak English and teach foreigners Chinese.
Nowadays when you go to the theater to see a movie, you will find English subtitles everywhere. It will help more people to learn Chinese culture.




购物车—-shopping car
养生之道——the way of regimen
文化交融—–culture blend


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