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The Current Life of International Students in China | 在华留学生的校园生活


The video is talking about the status of international students in China’s universities during the epidemic.




There are many international students staying on campus in China’s universities during this special period.



In order to protect the daily lives of international students from being affected, and protect their health, university teachers routinely care about these students every day.



All international students can regularly receive nursing packages, masks, and various hygiene products, and the school will provide sufficient food for them.



International students need to check their body temperature every day when they enter and leave the campus and dorms, and register their personal health situation every day.


At the same time, the school changed some courses to online courses, so that international students can study in their dormitory without gathering.



Here is a video from an international student who is staying in China now. He introduces his daily life on campus during the epidemic.





We all hope that this global epidemic will end soon and all the students will return to normal campus life.



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