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Do you know main train types in China?|中国火车的主要类型


In recent years, China’s railway industry has developed by leaps and bounds, ranking first in the world in total mileage of high-speed rail.




Do you know what are the main types of trains in China today?

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  1. 快速列车(K):快速列车的速度比普通列车快,通常运行在繁忙的线路上。

Fast trains (K) : Fast trains are faster than regular trains and usually run on busy lines.


  1. 特快列车(T):特快列车的速度比快速列车更快,通常在重要的城市之间运行。

Express trains (T): Express trains are faster than fast trains and usually run between important cities.


  1. 直达特快列车(Z):直达特快列车的特点是一站直达,中途不停站,速度快,通常用于连接大城市之间的线路。

Direct Express Train (Z): A direct express train is characterized by one station, non-stop, and fast speed, which is usually used to connect lines between large cities.


  1. 动车组列车(D):动车组列车是中国特有的高速列车,列车的每个车厢都配有动力装置,速度快,舒适度高。

EMU train: It is a unique high-speed train in China. Each carriage of the train is equipped with a power device, which is fast and comfortable.

  1. 高速动车组列车(G):高速动车组列车的速度更快,通常在高铁线路上运行例如京沪高铁、京广高铁等。

High-speed EMU trains are faster and usually run on high-speed rail lines, such as the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway.



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