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China tests 3,000-kph ‘super-Maglev’ trainconcept

Chinese researchers at the AppliedSuperconductivity Laboratory of Southwest Jiaotong University claim their fasttransportation concept based on magnetic levitation (Maglev) technology couldpotentially be three times faster than an airplane.



中国测试3000公里时速的概念磁悬浮列车 China tests 3,000-kph 'super-Maglev' trainconcept.jpg

Maglev technology was first proposed in themid-20th century. Nowadays, the Shanghai Maglev Train can reach speeds of over430 kilometers (260 miles) per hour and is the world’s fastestpassenger-carrying train.


The “Super-Maglev” could, however, beateven that. Chinese researchers have been testing a concept train encapsulated in a vacuum tube, thusdecreasing the speed limitations imposed by air resistance on regular Maglevtrains.


Should the project be successful, theworkable prototype will set the standard for the future evacuation tubetransportation.


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