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What is that?|中国“黑科技”

Check out those “Black Techs” in China!

1.移动支付(yí dòng zhī fù )

Mobile payments have become so common in China that paying with cash is practically unheard-of, even with street performers and taxi drivers.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are the most convenient way to purchase in China, cashes are hardly seen on street.

However, there is a snake in the grass — Information security. To use those mobile payments functions, people have to hand over lots of private information to Alibaba and Tencent, hope they have heard about the trouble Facebook got into.

Still, it’s definitely a mind blowing progress in world. There is an idiom — “瑕不掩瑜xiá bú yǎn yú ”means ne flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade.


2.外卖(wài mài )

Food delivery service is common in a lot of countries, but it’s not common that food can be delivered with half an hour. In China, with couple of clicks, you can have your dinner at home.

Of course we must appreciate the hard-working delivery men, you can learn a Chinese to thank them — 外卖小哥,辛苦啦!wài mài xiǎo gē ,xīn kǔ lā!


3.美图秀秀(měi tú xiù xiù )

Let’s learn another saying — 化腐朽为神奇 huà fǔ xiǔ wéi shén qí (turn bad into good).

To understand that saying, let me introduce Meitu app to you, it’s called one of the Asian magics(Hahahahaha).

It turns out it literally is magic that can cracks people up.


I sure there are much more impressive black techs out there, comment to tell us!

Let’s learn some practical Chinese at the end of this article.


支付宝   zhī fù bǎo

微信     wēi xìn

瑕不掩瑜 xiá bú yǎn yú

外卖小哥,辛苦啦!wài mài xiǎo gē ,xīn kǔ lā!

美图     měi tú

化腐朽为神奇 huà fǔ xiǔ wéi shén qí

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