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Reduplication of Chinese Adjective|形容词的重叠


In CHinese, a monosyllablic adjective is often reduplicated in the form of “AA的” to describe the characteristics of a person or thing, indicate a deep degree. For example

Nǐ sòng de huā hóng hóng de ,wǒ hěn xǐ huān 。


Zhè xiē cǎo lǜ lǜ de ,zhēn piāo liàng 。


Tā bí zǐ xiǎo xiǎo de ,zhǎng dé xiàng shuí ?


Nǐ nǚ ér zhǎng dé bái bái de 、pàng pàng de ,zhēn kě ài !



练一练  Practice

完成句子  Complete the sentences

(1)  她的男朋友个子___________________。




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