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Tulou building| 土楼

“土楼”顾名思义,就是用泥土做的房子,是客家 的民居,主要分布在福建省。中国民居的丰富多样,四合院、蒙古包、窑洞等早以为人所知,而客家人独有的土楼却显得很神秘。土楼是民居中面积最大的,往往一个土楼,可以容纳几百人同时居住。


Tolou literary refers to building makes of the earth. It is a communal residence for Hakka people in Fujian province. China’s residential buildings come out in different styles, such as the courtyard residences, the Mongolian to yurt,or cave dwellings. But a Tulou building is a little bit mysterious. It is considered the largest residence compound as one would be home to as many as several hundred residents.





Why can the Tulou building hold so many people? how did you make the person Present form? it could be related to Historical migration of Hakka people, Hakka people used to be Han Chinese living in central China, they were forced to migrate to southern parts of the country due to wars and famine. They helped one another live through the difficulties, after they arrived, the whole clan with the same surname and could lived together. Gradually creating the residential buildings types for Hakka people.





The Tulou building compound is like a well-protected fortreess. Grands and rice can be stored inside the building and residents can raise livestock. If enemies attacked the compound, all Hakkas needed would be to close the gate and have some strong young men guard the gate. The whole clan would be safe. Originally, the residential compound would take the shape of a square. But its four corners could not get enough sunlight. Hakkas then designed buildings of circular forms, making them the most traditional style of Tulou buildings. There are 360 circular Tulou buildings in Yongding county of Fujian Province. The largest one is with a diameter of 82 meters while the smallest one with a diameter of 17 meters. The most ancient building, Chenqi Building, was in 1790, which was home to 80 households, about 600 residents at its prime.





The exquisite layout of Tulou building compounds and the lifestyles of Hakkas inside the compound has attracted large number of visitors. It has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique shape and ingenious structure.





生词: useful words:

土楼:  tǔlóu       Tulou building

民居: tiānwén    residential building

客家:dì lǐ         Hakka people(a branch of Han people)

福建:  fú jiàn      Fujian province

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