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Chinese vocabulary for Actions

来   lái   to come

去   qù    to go

进   jìn    to enter

出   chū    to open

关   guān   to close

走   zǒu    to walk

跳   tiào    to jump

坐   zuò     to sit

站   zhàn   to stand

推   tuī     to push

拉   lā     to pull

跪  guì    to kneel

蹲   dūn   to squat

爬  pá    to  crawl

躺  tǎng    to  lie

背  bēi    to carry on one’s back

跑  pǎo  to run

咬  yào  to bite

拿  ná  to hold

扔  rēng  to throw

摸   mō   to touch


Language point:

The completment of Directions

跑进来  pao jin lai      to run in

走出去   zou chu qu    to walk out

爬上去   pa shang qu  to climb up

跳下来   tiao xia lai


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