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Are you one of the “月光族”?

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In Chinese, “月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” refers to a group of people who run out of their monthly salary and spend their monthly income every time before the next payday.



“月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” is also used to describe people whose salary runs out at the end of the month. “月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” is relatively separated from those who strive to save money. This Chinese buzzword is a neutral term without any absolute positive or negative judgment.



In general, most of “月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” are younger generations whose consumption concept is completely different from the elderly population. They love new fashion and pretty clothes, buying anything they like without minding their savings and earnings. People who are called “月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” spend their money not only out of the love for material life, but for making more money. They believe that spending means earning, and enjoy spending all their money.



“月光族 (yuè guāng zú)” desire strongly to buy what they want and know how to spend their money. More importantly, they are capable of earning money for themselves. They seldom borrow money from others, but usually they overdraft their credit cards and then repay it the next month.



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