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Are you among the “剁手党” (duò shǒu dǎng)?

"剁手党" (duò shǒu dǎng) 并不是指人们要剁掉自己的手,而是专指沉溺于大量网络购物的人群,以女生居多,他们会在网购后自嘲要把自己的手剁掉,因此得名。它指的是"购物狂"。来看看你属于哪种购物狂?明天就是光棍节了,你会“剁手”吗?

"Hands-chopping people" doesn't mean that people chop their hands. The term refers to the big online spenders (mostly female) who self-mockingly say that they would like to chop their hands off after buying too much online. It means "shopaholic". There are different types of shopaholics, check which one you belong to. The Singles Day is coming tomorrow, will you "chop your hands"? 

Fauxsumerism 假消费主义 jiǎ xiāo fèi zhǔ yì

"Fauxsumerism" refers to those who don't really want to buy items, but just enjoy window-shopping. They consider window-shopping a great joy. 


Backseat buyer 后座购物者 hòu zuò gòu wù zhě

A backseat buyer is the one that feels excited for what others are buying or planning to buy. They like picking items for others, and for them, shopping for others is as happy as shopping for themselves. They are usually crazy shoppers themselves. 



Deshopper 买完就退的买家 mǎi wán jiù tuì de mǎi jiā

In many developed countries, it's much easier than thought to cancel an order. Any item you bought can be returned to the seller within one month, as long as there are no major damages, and the seller won't ask you the reasons. Some people take the advantage of it, and return the item to the seller for refund after using it for some time. Such shoppers are called deshoppers. 


Transumer 旅游购物狂 lǚ yóu gòu wù kuáng

Walking along the busy commercial street, you'll always see travelers carrying packages stuffed with items. They are vulnerable to a wide varieties of items in shops. For some of them, big spending in the journey has become a habit or life style. These consumers that readily buy items anywhere are called transumers. 


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