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How does Urban Dictionary define Chinese slang terms?

Urban Dictionary is a satirical crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases. The website collects popular slang terms that can’t be found in conventional dictionaries. 

Urban Dictionary中文译名为《城市词典》,是一个美国在线俚语词典,该词典收录了很多常规词典里面查不到的流行英文俚语。

In recent years, thanks to the rising influence of Chinese net users, many seemingly Chinglish words and phrases have been included in Urban Dictionary, such as “you can you up”, “no zuo no die”, “zhuangbility” and “erbility”. 

近年来随着我国网民力量的壮大,很多听上去Chinglish的词语也纷纷被收录到Urban Dictionary中啦。比如:你行你上、不作死就不会死、装逼、二逼等。

1. You can you up 你行你上

chinese slang, learn chinese, you can you up

Translated from Chinglish, meaning “if you can do it then you should go up and do it”. It’s used against people who criticize others’ work, especially when the criticizer is not that much better. Often followed by “no can no BB”, which means “if you can’t do it then don’t even criticize it”. 

“你行你上啊”这句话用来讽刺那些挑剔别人工作的人,尤其是那些自己本身也做不好的人。通常这句话后会跟着no can no bb“不行别逼逼”,意思是“如果你做不了,就不要挑别人的刺”。


A: This chemistry question seems to be so ez (easy), why it takes you forever?


B: You can you up, no can no bb!


Other translations: 

You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? 能言者未必能行之。

Easier said than done. 说起来容易做起来难。

Talk is cheap. 说得简单,做起来难。

2. No zuo no die 不作死就不会死

No zuo no die, chinese slang, learn chinese

This phrase is of Chinglish origin. Means if you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will.) Zuo (作) is a Chinese character meaning “act silly or daring (for attention)’


A: Some dude baked cookies shaped like iPhone, held it by the mouth when driving, tried to mess with traffic cops.


B: Did he pull it off? 


A: Cop was pissed and ran his name through the system. Turns out he’s got speed tickets unpaid!


B: No zuo no die. 


Other translations: 

No silly trying, no billy dying. (perfect for “no zuo no die“)

He deserved what he got. 这是他应得的。

The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear. 自作孽不可活。

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 麻烦没有找上门,自己别去找麻烦。

Ride the tiger 玩火自焚

3. zhuangbility 装逼

zhuangbility, learn chinese, chinese slang

In Chinese, ‘Zhuang’ means ‘play’. ‘Bi’ is ‘pussy’ in English. Zhuangbility means ‘to boast’ or somewhat in English.



We never really grow up, we only learn zhuangbility in public.


4. Erbility 二逼

Erbility, learn chinese, chinese slang

Erbility (pronounced er’biliti) is a Chinglish noun, which means ability of being a jerk or douchebag. Chinese started to say erbility for fun, in order to make the word more like an English one.


A: Hey, do you think Huang Xiaoming is erbi? 


B: Yea, for sure! He’s full of erbility and zhuangbility, especially when he pronounced “not at all” lol!!!!!!


The article is translated and editted by Chinlingo. Please indicate the source (www.chinlingo.com) for any use, reproduction or transfer. 


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