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What does “牛B” mean in Chinese?

Now let’s explain them one by one.

牛逼(niúbī) is equal to fucking awesome in English.

And 牛(niú)literally means cow, in slang, means awesome. 逼(bī) in slang means“Pussy” —impolite usage.  逼(bī) can be written in “B”

Here are two examples that I collected from the Chinese dialogue:

A:我能吃10个包子. (wǒ nénɡ chī 10 ɡè bāozi.)

 I can eat 10 burgers in a row.



A: 你好牛,这么难得题目你也会做!(nǐ hǎoniú,zhème nán dé tímù nǐ yěhuìzuò!)

  You are so awesome. You can even do such difficult questions!

B: 谢谢。(xièxiè)



Additionally, regarding to 牛X (niúX)or 牛叉(niúchā). It is common in online forums/tweets/blogs, but it is rare in conversations.

If you want to be polite, say 牛(niú)instead of  牛B,牛X(niúchā) or 牛叉(niúchā)。

To supplement, there are several slang words that have “逼(bī)”.

傻逼(shǎbī): negative word. A stupid guy (especially when he has done something very stupid)

Zhè gè shǎ bī bǎ cǎi piào rēng le !


装逼(zhuānɡbī): (negative word) show off.  A verb means improperly showing himself at a higher level (for examples, of knowledge or cultivation) than others.

装逼 can be separated in a sentence like

Nǐ zhuānɡ shénme bīne ”


二逼(èrbī):  An idiotic/stupid guy, subtly different from 傻逼(shǎbī).An 二逼 behaves improperly or sillily. Also, 二 can be an adjective with the same meaning in 二逼.



Note:Please never use it randomly because these words are not very polite. “逼/B” is impolite words in sentences, especially there are women around. So you can say these words omitted the word”逼/B” to express the same meaning and more polite.


Key words:

牛/牛逼/牛B/牛叉/牛X:  awesome

傻逼/傻B/傻X: stupid guy

二/二逼/二B:An idiotic/stupid guy

装逼/装B:show off


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