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How to call USA in Chinese| 中文怎么称呼“USA”

USA, the United state of America, but how is it called by Chinese? Let’s check it out.


(1)美国     měi guó      America

(2)美利坚合众国   měi lì jiān hé zòng guó   the United State of America

Do you know names of other countries? Let’s see it.


英国   yīng guó  UK


法国  fǎguó  France


德国  déguó  German


西班牙 xī bān yā  Spain


意大利  yì dà lì    Italy


日本 rì  běn   Japen


韩国 hán guó   Korea


埃及  āi jí   Egypt


南非 nán fēi   South Africa


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