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Are U Waiting for An Old Man with A Red Hat and White Beard?

Are you waiting for an old man with a red hat and white beard? Well, probably not this one…你在等一个红帽子白胡子的老人吗?好吧,可能不是这一个…

This cute girl expresses her Christmas wishes:这个可爱的女孩也表达了她的的圣诞愿望:

(Photos from @咕噜碳嘿 )

Dear Santa, are you being alright recently?
qīn ài de shèng dàn lǎo rén ,zuì jìn hǎo ma ?

These are the presents I would like to receive.


zhè xiē shì wǒ chāo xiǎng yào de shèng dàn lǐ wù

I hope you can give me all these.


xī wàng néng bāng wǒ shí xiàn suǒ yǒu yuàn wàng

If you find it too troublesome.


rú guǒ nín jué de tài má fán de huà

Just give me some money!


gěi wǒ hěn duō qián jiù xíng

In fact, that’s also what I want to say.实际上,这也是我想说的。Today Little C also get Christmas gifts, that’s so sweet of my colleagues.当然,像LittleC这样的小可爱也收到了圣诞节礼物,同事们真是太暖心啦!

Of course, I won’t forget to prepare gifts for all lovely Chinese learners. From now to January 1st, all of our Chinese courses are offered with the best price of the year,  come on and check it out!


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