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Are devices killing romance?/手机扼杀了浪漫吗?

Are devices killing romance?

Electronic devices can seem like a “third party” in some relationships because some partners spend more time on them than with each other.

Lin Yuan, a relationship advisor in Beijing, noted that as more and more electronics come out and spice up people’s lives, they are at the same time becoming a third party in relationships, especially for young people.

“When many young couples get off work and come home, they often busy themselves with electronic gadgets such as TVs, computers, iPads and cellphones, and do not have much time for real-life interactions with their partners,” she said.

She said she knew of some people who suggest that electronics should be kept out of bedrooms, which she considered challenging and hard to be put into practice for most couples.

She recommended that if people are feeling neglected in their relationship, they need to respectfully let their partners know their feelings.

“Communication is always the best and the most efficient way,” she said.

She added that there are also some methods that people can employ to improve the quality of their time together. For example, if they find that their partners spend a lot of time on electronics instead of with them, they may propose to try “electronics-free time” with their partners on weekends or at breakfast and dinner.

“During electronics-free time, the couple is not allowed to spend time on electronics and should focus on the other person,” she said.

She advised that people can choose to let electronics take up their time when they are alone and pay more attention to their partners during time together.

Studio+ hosts Ryan Price and Li Ningjing also give their two cents on this issue. Click on the audio bar above to listen to what they have to say.


Resource:China Plus(www.chinaplus.cri.cn)

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