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中国首个3D打印桥梁将亮相上海 China’s first 3D-printed pedestrian bridge to be put into use in Shanghai

Shanghai has “printed(打印 dǎyìn)” a 15-meter-long resins(树脂 shùzhī) bridge, which will be installed(安装 ānzhuāng) in the central park in Taopu area.

Measuring 15.25 meters long(长 chāng), 3.8 meters wide(宽 kuān) and 1.2 meters high(高 gāo), the bridge was built in layers by a 3D printing system developed by Shanghai Construction Group. It took 35 days to complete(完成 wánchéng).

With a milky white streamlined body, the bridge is made of acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, a plastic used for general prototyping in 3D printing, mixed with glass fibers.

The material(材料 cáiliào) can withstand(承受 chéngshòu) long-term(长期的 chángqí de) exposure(暴露 bàolù) to the sun and rain and ensure the bridge meets national construction standards(标准 biāozhǔn).

The bridge can be used for about three decades, said Chen Xiaoming, deputy chief engineer of the group.

“The bridge has a load of 250 kg per square meter, which means at least four adults can walk on it at the same time per square meter,” Chen said.

3D printing technology, regarded as an eco-friendly way to construct, requires less human labor(人力 rénlì) and does not generate(产生 chǎnshēng) dust and construction waste(垃圾 lājī).


重点词汇 Key Word:

[dǎyìn] 打印 <动词 v.> print

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