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World’s biggest man-made waterfall 世界最高的人造瀑布


Guizhou province is southern China is now home to world’s biggest man-made waterfall.




The building and waterfall feature were complete two years ago, but the actual waterfall has only been turned on around 6 times so far.



One of the reasons is the high operating cost of the equipment that creates the water feature. The cost of powering those massive pumps for just one hour is $117.





The building was a project of the Ludi Industry Group whose director Cheng Xiaomao disclosed that the building will house offices, shops and a luxury hotel.



Speaking about the inspiration behind the design he said, “Guiyang is a city of mountains, and with many trees, just like a forest. Its creators wanted to create a feeling of water and greenery, even when you are surrounded by skyscrapers..”



The waterfall is about 10ft longer than the previous record holder at the Solar City Tower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


(来源:kekenet.com 可可英语)


Key words:

人造:rén zào    artifical,man-made

瀑布:pù  bù    waterfall

竣工:jùn gōng     (of a project) be completed; complete; finish

摩天大楼:mó tiān dà lóu    skyscraper



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