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你适合喝什么茶? What kind of Chinese tea should you drink?

Everybody knows Chinese tea. In the ancient China, tea is a symbol of your statement. The most expensive tea is Longjing which can only be drunk by the emperor.
Nowadays, people drink tea for its function. Chinese tea can protect our body in many ways, and they can also eliminate the poison. Some of them can defend cancer. We always divide Chinese tea into six kinds: Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Dark Tea, White Tea, and Yellow Tea.
But what kind of tea we can drink for our health? Let us follow the medicinal functions of the Six Tea.




Green Tea
Functions: purge fire and cancer prevention
Green Tea has the most varieties of the vitamin. It is a cold property of tea, it can purge fire.If your stomach is cold, you should drink less while someone who will inflame easily and feel hot should drink more.




Black Tea
Functions: warm your stomach and protect the heart
Black Tea can keep the balance of the amount of protein and protect your angiocarpy. Black Tea is a warm property of tea, it can help to warm your stomach.



Oolong Tea
Functions: moistening dryness and lose weight
Oolong Tea is used for antianaphylaxis and hypotensive in ancient Chinese medicine. And it is also well known for weight loss. You can drink it in Autumn.



Dark Tea
Functions: keep out the cold and lipid-lowering
According to the reports, Pu-erh tea can help in antidiabetics and hypolipidemic. Besides, Dark Tea has rich mineral more than other kinds of tea. If you are the “Cold-body” person, you should drink Dark Tea.



White Tea
Functions: bacteriostasis and Anti-radiation
White tea’s effect on bacteriostasis is very good. And it also used for skincare product in the US.



Yellow Tea
Functions: help digestion and prevention of esophageal cancer
Yellow Tea is a retting of tea. They will produce a lot of digestive enzyme in retting which is good for your stomach. Besides, Yellow tea can also help the prevention of esophageal cancer because of its tea polyphenols and vitamins.


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