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funny Chinese phrases&sentences —有趣的中文短语和句子 (yǒu qù de zhōng wén duǎn yǔ hé jù zi)

10 Fashion and funny Chinese phrases

1 我勒个去/我了个去(wǒ lē gè qù)
This phrase is used like ” oh, god! ” or ” damn it!” in Chinese. It is a cyber word.

2 卧槽(wò cáo)
This phrase has 4 interesting meanings. You can change the tones to express different meanings.
1) to express shocking ——wò cào
2) to express angry——wǒ cào
3) to express contempt—–wō cāo
4) to express confused—–wǒ cáo

3 蛇精病(shé jīng bìng)
This phrase is the partial tone of 神经病(shén jīng bìng). They have the same meaning as “you are crazy” or ” you are a psycho” in English.

4 洪荒之力(hóng huāng zhī lì)
I used mystic energy.
While being interviewed after qualifying for the women’s 100m backstroke final, Chinese athlete Fu Yuanhui mentioned with excitement that she used “mystical powers” to help her swim so fast. Since then the “mystic energy” becomes popular and this emoji is frequently used to express someone has tried his/ her best to do something.


5 有毒(yǒu dú)
Sometimes we will say, 你有毒啊(nǐ yǒu dú à) to a person who is unlucky. And the other things he was done had bad results.
EX: if a person seems like his friends will break up with their couples, we will say this sentence.
Another situation is that someone or something is really attractive so that people will wallow it. You can also use this phrase.
And sometimes it can use to express “are you crazy?” in spoken joke.

6 吸猫(xī māo)
This phrase is a cyber word. I will teach you another word before we talk about this. “吸毒”(xī dú), it means to take drugs. “吸” means absorb, and “毒” means drugs.
“吸猫” means people will be crazy when they see the cute cats pictures or videos. Lovely cats are really attractive.



7 钱不是万能的, 没有钱是万万不能的(qián bú shì wàn néng de méi yǒu qián shì wàn wàn bù néng de)
This sentence is more like a joke. Money is not anything, it can not always be useful. But you can live without money.

8 放鸽子(fàng gē zǐ)
This phrase means stand someone up. Sometimes we will also say someone is “咕咕”(gū gū), the voice of pigeon(鸽子).



9 大大你是世界的瑰宝!(dà dà nǐ shì shì jiè de guī bǎo)
This sentence means “Oh ! you are the treasure of the world!!” It usually used in weibo . People will say this sentence while their favorite painter or author upload a new production.


10 不吃饱哪有力气减肥呢(bù chī bǎo nǎ yǒu lì qì jiǎn féi nē)
I will start weight loss after I enjoy my meal first. ( I can’t lose weight if I didn’t get enough energy from meal)



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