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中国八大菜系之 闽菜 (zhōng guó bā dà cài xì zhī mǐn cài ) the eight major components of Chinese cuisine———Fujian cuisine

Fujian cuisine(闽菜 mǐn cài ), also known as Min cuisine or Hokkien cuisine, is one of the native Chinese cuisines derived from the native cooking style of China’s Fujian Province, most notably from the provincial capital, Fuzhou.

Much diverse seafood and woodland delicacies are used, including a myriad variety of local fish, shellfish and turtles, or indigenous edible mushrooms and bamboo shoots, provided by the coastal and mountainous regions of Fujian.

Fujian cuisine consists of three styles:

Fuzhou: The taste is lighter compared to other styles, often with a mixed sweet and sour taste. Fuzhou is famous for its soups, and its use of fermented fish sauce and red yeast rice. That is because the weather of Fuzhou always is warm. Just like Spring all the year.
Southern Fujian: The taste is slightly stronger than Fuzhou cuisine, showing influence from Southeast Asian cuisine and Japanese cuisine. Use of sugar and spices (like 沙茶(shā chá) sauce and five-spice powder) is more common. Various kinds of slow-cooked soup (not quite similar to the Cantonese tradition) are found. Many dishes come with dipping sauces. Main ingredients include rice, pork (pork offal are considered delicacy), beef, chicken, duck, seafood and various vegetables.
Western Fujian: There are often slight spicy tastes from mustard and pepper and the cooking methods are often steaming, frying and stir-frying. The food is saltier and oilier compared to other parts of Fujian, usually focusing on meat rather than seafood.




Chinlingo’s menu
1 海蛎煎(hǎi lì jiān)——oyster omelet
2 佛跳墙(fó tiào qiáng)——-seafood and poultry
3 福州鱼丸汤(fú zhōu yú wán tāng)——–Fuzhou fish ball soup
4 厦门沙茶面(xià mén shā chá miàn)——-Xiamen sand tea noodle
5 福建扁食(fú jiàn biǎn shí)——–Fujian dumpling
6 三杯鸡(sān bēi jī)——-three cup chicken


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