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娱乐休闲学中文 Learning Chinese in a more funny and relaxing way

If you want to master Chinese, you need to know something about Chinese culture. The Chinese language has four tones which will change the meaning of phrase and sentences. Sometimes it will really confuse you. But if you watch some Chinese movies or TV plays you will find complete structure in a certain language context can let people understand you with the wrong or strange tones.
Let me introduce you some resource you can find online to help you learn Chinese in an easier way.

1 movies 电影(diàn yǐng)

Nowadays, most Chinese movies have English subtitles. You can find them online or watch them in the theater. Chinese movies almost are dubbed, so you can hear standard Mandarin Chinese. Maybe you can’t follow the Chinese so fast, but you can foster a good language sense in this way. They are the most convenient resource you can get online.

By the way, you can really feel the cultural diversity while you are watching a movie, such as 刮痧(guā shā)—–guasha(2001), this movie helps you to know something about traditional Chinese medicine, which is the important part of Chinese culture.


2 TV plays 电视剧(diàn shì jù)

Except for the movies, you can also practice your Chinese skills by enjoying TV plays.
There is a popular Chinese costume drama called 甄嬛传(zhēn huán zhuàn). It is interesting and clothes are fine. You can try to imitate the actor’s lines while watching. Another famous subtitled Chinese costume drama is 还珠格格(huán zhū gé gé) from which you may find a lot of fun.
Another kind of famous Chinese TV plays are the comedies. The early comedies have serval actors. Some of them come from Shanxi, Anhui, and other northeast provinces. Their pronunciation is different from Mandarin, but we can understand them to some extent. Their structures are completed. So you can change your way to learn spoken Chinese, such as 爱情公寓(aì qíng gōng yù).
Recently, some people make a group to translate the Chinese TV plays into English on Youtube. They will also add subtitles to help you understand the shows more clearly.



3 Chinese song 中文歌(zhōng wén gē)

Learning a language by listening to its native music can help a lot. Chinese is a musical language. You can learn a lot of new words from a song.


4 Chinese anime 中文动漫(zhōng wén dòng màn)

Just like 全职高手(quán zhí gāo shǒu) we talked last time, China has many qualified animes these years. You can find there are English subtitles in most of animes on Youtube. Some of them are originated from novels, like 全职高手(quán zhí gāo shǒu), 斗破苍穹(dòu pò cāng qióng). They are interesting and many foreigners upload the video of their reaction on Youtube.


5 Chinese documentary 中国纪录片(zhōng guó jì lù piān)

The best way to know Chinese history and culture is to watch the Chinese documentary.
舌尖上的中国(shé jiān shàng de zhōng guó)
You can get lots of information about Chinese food all over the China.

今日说法(jīn rì shuō fǎ)
This series can help you to know more about Chinese laws. It will introduce you Chinese laws based on true stories or events that happened before.




电影(diàn yǐng)—-movies

电视剧(diàn shì jù)— TV plays

中文歌(zhōng wén gē)— Chinese song

中文动漫(zhōng wén dòng màn)—Chinese anime

中国纪录片(zhōng guó jì lù piān)—Chinese documentary

今日说法(jīn rì shuō fǎ)


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