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Interesting figures in Chinese chatting 中文聊天中出现的”潮“数字

Sometimes when you are chatting with a Chinese person, you may see this numbers from him. “666””233″”555″”9494″”886″. There is no doubt that Chinese people use them to express something special, but what is the meaning?
Today, I would like to help you figure out their meaning. So you can chat with Chinese friends more conveniently.

1. 666

“666” is the partial tone of characters”溜溜溜”. It means proficiency and fluency. It is a cyber word for games. When someone plays a game very well, he is called “玩得很溜” in Chinese which means he is a good player. Nowadays, people use “666” to show their appreciation to a well-skilled person.





2. 233

“233” in Chinese just like “lol” in English. If you want to laugh at somebody, you can type 233 to him.




3. 555

“555” is the partial tone of characters”呜呜呜”, it sounds like crying. But we will not actually cry in chatting, we just use this figure to show our emotion.
EX: 我迟到了555 ——-oh! NO! I was late!




4. 886

“886” is the partial tone of characters”拜拜咯”. It is used to say goodbye in Chinese. In chatting, you can use it to end a conversation.



5. 1314

In Chinese “1314” is a romantic phrase of numbers. It is the partial tone of characters”一生一世”. And it means I will love you for my whole life.
It is used frequently on valentine’s day.




666—-how wonderful

233—-lol/ hahaha



1314—–I will love you forever



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