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Travel Eating in China (吃货旅行在中国)

When it comes to Chinese food, most of the foreigners will say 饺子(jiǎo zi)-dumpling, 小笼包(xiǎo lóng báo)-Steamed Buns, 烧烤(shāo kǎo)-barbecue, 辣条(là tiáo)-spicy strip, 肉夹馍(ròu jiá mó)-Chinese hamburger and 北京烤鸭(běi jīng kǎo yā)-Beijing roast duck.





But do you know some special food in China?Like 羊肉泡馍(yáng ròu pào mó)- crude pancake in mutton soup,do you want to try it? Or 烤包子(kǎo bāo zi)-roast baozi, 2RMB for one it is very famous in Xinjiang.


Food is a part of a culture, Chinese food culture is extensive and profound. If you are interested in Chinese delicious food, you can watch this series.
Trevor James ’s Eat in China is the best way to know Chinese food.



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