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Meitu’s beauty filter app goes viral in the West

A popular Chinese photo-editing app has suddenly burst into popularity in the West, covering social feeds in airbrushed photos with huge, sparkling eyes.


Although Meitu has been around since 2008, it has become an overnight success, and was trending on Apple's App Store on Thursday.

虽然美图秀秀2008年就上线了,但是最近它可以说是在欧美"一夜成名",并于本周四登陆了App Store。

Meitu is a lot like other photo-editing apps — it has Bitmoji-style stickers, Instagram-style filters, and Layout-style photo collages.


But the app really shines in its "hand-drawn" mode that is like a Snapchat filter on steroids. The hand-drawn mode slims down jawlines, enlarges eyes, and adds a little bit of sparkle to the whole package.


Basically, it makes you look like a cartoon — and it's these images that are rapidly spreading on social media.


The company behind the app IPOed in Hong Kong in December with a roughly $4.6 billion valuation — which may increase as investors learn that Western audiences like the app too.


Source: Daily Mail


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