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Red packets in the Spring Festival

"红包" (hóngbāo) originally referred to the red paper packets containing money as a gift from the older generation to the younger generation in Spring Festival. Later, it generally refers to a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as wedding, graduation, enrollment, promotion, birth of a baby or other important gatherings, showing gratitude, or intention to reward or bribe someone. 


The red packet given during the Chinese New Year is also called 压岁钱 (yāsuìqián), which literally means "suppressing age money", which is supposed to stop children from getting older. This comes from the belief that everyone becomes one year older on New Year's Day. Red is the lucky color and will bring good luck to the person receiving the gift. 

Giving red packets during the Spring Festival is a tradition in China. Usually, the immediate family gives red packets to the children on New Year's Eve. Money given in this way may not be refused and the pretty envelopes add sincerity to the gift. How much will you give in each red packet? 


zhōngguó xiǎohái shì fùmǔ hé qīnqī gěi "yāsuìqián", měiguó xiǎohái shì cóng shèngdàn lǎorén nàlǐ dédào shèngdàn lǐwù


As Chinese kids get "lucky money" from their parents and relatives, American children get Christmas presents from Santa Claus.

hūnlǐ yě shì zhǒng "fù dān". yīnwèi gēnjù zhōngguó de chuántǒng, cānjiā hūnlǐ de kèrén xūyào gěi xīnrén fūfù yí gè zhuāng qián de hóngbāo yǐshì zhùfú.

婚礼也是种“负担”。 因为根据中国的传统,参加婚礼的客人需要给新人夫妇一个装钱的红包以示祝福。

The weddings can also be a "burden" because, according to the Chinese tradition, guests should give the couples a red packet containing money as blessings.

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