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Zhangjiajie to build another glass bridge in “Avatar” mountains

Thrill seekers rejoice – China is building yet another terrifying glass-bottomed bridge in its 'Avatar' mountains.


It was only in August that the Chinese unveiled the world's longest and highest glass bridge in the Hunan province, but now architects have gone one further.


They've designed an 'invisible' bridge that's spectacular and scary in equal measure.


The incredible structure is designed to blend in with the landscape of the mountains of Zhangjiajie.


The transparent footbridge, suspended high between two mountain-tops, will cost over 4 million pounds to build and has been created by Martin Duplantier Architectes (MDA) and Daqian Landscape Architects, who won a design competition.

悬挂在两个山顶之间的透明人行桥将会花费400多万英镑,由曾经在一次设计竞赛中胜出的Martin Duplantier Architectes (MDA)和Daqian Landscape Architects设计。

It will be built using mirrored stainless steel and the floor will be made of black stone that becomes reflective when wet, according to Designboom.com.


The idea is that the structure mirrors the environment and gives the optical illusion of blending into thin air – definitely making it unsuitable for those scared of heights.


The bridge will be made up of two layers, however, so there are some options for nervous visitors.


The upper level that connects the two rock faces is in the shape of an elliptical disk and doesn't have a see-through floor.


A winding black stone path leads intrepid explorers from one peak to the other.


Surrounding the path is a layer of water two centimetres thick, which is sprayed onto it every seven minutes by nozzles creating a temporary cloud and mist between the mountains.


The floor is 100 per cent glass, allowing brave visitors to gaze at the void below.


As well as walking across the hair-raising bridge you can also sleep in one of three pavilions that will also be built on nearby rocky outcrops. 


The pavilions, stacked on top of each other, all offer incredible views but none so much as the rooftop, with its 360-degree panorama.


A café is positioned at the middle level and below that are exclusive VIP suites that allow select guests to spend the night overlooking the picturesque landscape.


Source: Daily Mail


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