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How are Taobao Tmall items sorted out?

In China, maybe you have heard about "双十一" (Double 11), if you haven't, then you will soon get the chance to see how crazy Chinese people get on that day.


Since this day has four "1", and this number looks like a stick, in Chinese, people use "sticks" to describe single people. So this day was regarded as Singles' Day by young people.


However, in 2009, large Chinese online shopping platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, to comfort the lonely "Bachelors" on 11.11, decided to offer special prices, and the promotion turned out to be far more popular than they expected. After that, this day has become the national online shopping day of the year. This is quite similar to America's "Black Friday", Russia's "Cyber Monday" and South Korea's "Grand Sale" Plan. Thus, on November 11th, people will not only think of the "Singles' day", but also the "Shopping Festival".


Want to buy some on Taobao, but feel confused about the Chinese categories? Take a look at the followings. 

服装类 Clothing 

秋冬外套 Winter coat 

羽绒服 down jacket/downcoat

轻薄款便携羽绒服 lightweight packable jacket

毛呢大衣 wool coat

棉服 puffer coat

皮衣 leather jacket

披风 poncho/cape

风雪大衣 parka

户外运动 Outdoor sportswear 

冲锋衣 venture jacket

抓绒 fleece

防风服 windproof jacket

速干衣 quick-dry shirt

登山鞋 hiking boot

雪地靴 snow boot

运动鞋 sneaker

篮球鞋 basket shoe

跑鞋 running shoe

连帽衫 hoodie

慢跑裤 jogging sweatpants

瑜伽裤 yoga pants

打底类 Bottoming 

秋裤 long johns

打底衫 base layer

打底裤 leggings

女用内衣 lingerie

内衣衬衣 chemise

塑身内衣 shapewear

胸罩 bra

内裤 panty

丁字裤 thong

连裤袜 tights

丝袜 sheers

船袜 liner socks

冬季拖鞋 winter slipper

鞋靴类 Shoes 

马丁靴 Dr. Martens boot

布洛克皮鞋 Brogue

长筒靴 riding boot

懒人鞋 slip-on loafer

配饰类 Accessories 

绒球帽子 pom-pom hats

无檐小便帽 beanie

围脖 neck warmers

围巾 scarf

披肩 shawl

耳罩 ear muffs

皮手套 leather glove

项饰 pendant

手袋 handbag

钱包 wallet

小提包 satchel

斜挎包 cross body

母婴类 Infant & mom 

婴儿奶粉 infant formula

纸尿裤 diapers

谷类婴儿食品 baby cereal

孕妇装 maternity clothing

护肤品&化妆品类 Skin care & cosmetics 

洗面奶 facial cleanser

爽肤水 toner

护肤霜 moisturizer

隔离霜,防晒霜 sun screen

眼霜 eye gel/cream

面膜 facial mask

磨砂膏 facial scrub

护手霜 hand lotion

遮瑕膏 concealer

粉底 foundation

粉饼 pressed powder

眉笔 brow pencil

描眉卡 brow template

转笔刀 pencil sharpener

眼线笔 eye liner

睫毛膏 mascara

眼影 eye shadow

唇膏 lip color/lipstick

唇彩 lip gloss

腮红 blush

卸装水 makeup remover

棉签 q-tips

数码电器类 Digital & electric appliance 

手机 cell phone

平板电脑 tablets

电子书阅读器 e-reader

电烤箱 electronic oven

净水器 filter purifier

空气净化器 air purifier

豆桨机 soybean milk grinder

榨汁机 juice extractor

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