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David Wang and his bamboo bicycle studio in Beijing

David Wang from America opened his Beijing Bamboo Bicycle studio in a narrow alley in the Chinese capital in 2014.  


David uses bamboo to make the main frame of the bicycles and parts from abandoned bicycles for the rest.



He also offers bicycle making classes every weekend which have so far attracted more than 400 bicycle lovers.



Wang finished his undergraduate study in Humanity in 2010 and came to China, he concentrated on studying different kinds of Asian Youth Subculture.



David Wang resigned from his job in 2014, and rented two rooms at Langjia Alley, Beijing. He opened his own studio, "Beijing Bamboo Bicycle".



David Wang and his other two studio members, Luo Mingning, Lei Buqi has their own special bamboo bicycle respectively.



After finding so many abandoned old bicycles, David brought back some to home, replaced the broken parts, and renew the bicycles. In 2013, David made use of his after work time to renew the bicycle by using bamboo as the main frame. He found out that this kind of bicycles are more light, but also stronger and tougher.


Source: Xinhua


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