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Is there dragon in the real world?

Recently, a dragon was spotted soaring around some mountains in rural China.

Or at least that's what ApexTV, a YouTube channel that provides "the latest bizarre news in the paranormal field on topics such as aliens, cryptozoology, and mysterious occurrences," claims. They uploaded the video on Sunday, shot by an unknown Chinese man at an unknown location in China claimed to be near the border with Laos.

Since this is the internet, the video has already received 572,000 views.

You can watch it below too:


Of course, ApexTV isn't saying they have all the answers, speculating that the creature might actually be pterodactyl, and asking viewers to decide for themselves.

And it seems that pretty much everyone has decided it's total bullshit:

"C'mon guys. The frames to the background don't even match up. People believe this? The uploader knows this shit is fake but it makes good views so fuck it."

"The "dragon" seems too sharp in resolution compared with the blurry and pixelated surrounding mountains. I think it's a good cgi animation but reminds me of those bullshit alien videos"

"Look how foggy the mountain and surroundings are and look how clear the dragon is, good but not good enough."

While also taking some shots at China:

"Considering it's in China it's probably a fake dragon."

"So many things wrong in this video: China, unnamed mountain, unnamed camera man."

"OK so it's made in China. Has to be genuine like my ifone 7."

Though one genius YouTube commenter did discover the perfect piece of evidence to refute this claim:

"It's fake bcoz Chinese type dragons can't fly."

Source: shanghaiist


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