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World’s longest sightseeing escalator unveiled in Enshi Grand Canyon

China really loves to build big and long things. In the last year or so, they have built the world's largest radio telescope, the world's longest glass skywalk, and the world's highest glass-bottomed bridge.

And now, they have built the world's longest sightseeing escalator! The 688-meter-long escalator is situated in the Enshi Grand Canyon outside of Enshi city in Hubei province, and opened up during the week-long National Day holiday earlier this month.

Each visitor must pay 20 yuan to go up the escalator and witness the beautiful sights the area has to offer, People's Daily reports. Mind you, if Google Images is showing images of the actual area, then it is very beautiful indeed, and easily worth the non-trek.

The escalator was built using ecologically sustainable materials alongside a mountain at the Qixingzhai scenic spot.

"The whole engineering plan focused on ecological protection, which can be seen from the wooden structure and grey tile at the top of the escalator," said Xiong Yan, who was in charge of the project at the Central-South Architectural Design Institute.

Xiong added that vines were planted alongside the escalator to help the structure blend into the surrounding environment. Look, you can barely see it already!

At peak capacity, the escalator can carry 7,300 visitors in one hour, and is estimated to transport 300,000 of them per year. Let's just hope nothing goes terribly wrong.

Source: shanghaiist


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