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Things a mixed couple may not know about buying a house in China

In China, a mixed couple is defined as a couple where one partner is a native Chinese citizen and the other is a foreign national. Regulation for this type of couple is not too different from the regulation set for foreigners wanting to purchase a home in China.

Firstly, the basic regulation is that the foreign partner has worked in China for at least one year. Individuals must go to the local Municipal Bureau of Public Security where evidence can be provided as proof of a previous year-long residency, be it study or work, in China.

Secondly, the foreign partner must prepare a written document attesting to the fact they do not own any kind of residential home in China. This means that if you both want to buy more than one property in China, whether it is for personal lodging or investment purposes, the foreign partner cannot legally sign any documents or property registration certificates.

Finally, the foreign partner must prove that they are a citizen permitted to reside in China and whose employment and residence will not affect the country's security. To do this, the foreign partner must get validation from the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China.

After going through these steps, you are now able to begin your search for your ideal home in China. To ensure the process goes smoothly, it would be useful to hire an agent to help.

Source: Shanghai Expat


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