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American artist Karl Martens and his Chinese watercolor paintings

Seeing these, you have known that they are Chinese watercolor paintings. Surprisingly, these works are not created by native Chinese, they are created by San Francisco-born artist Karl Martens. 

看到这些,你们已经知道这是中国水彩画。出乎意料的是,这些作品不是出自本土中国人之手,而是旧金山艺术家Karl Martens的作品。


Karl creates beautiful paintings of birds using materials not often paired together – Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes with watercolor. What's most fascinating is that he paints all of his works by memory, without reference to any guide. While he uses large Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes to create the general shape and posture of the birds, the intricate markings of them are done using charcoal pencil and smaller calligraphy brushes. Martens studied birds for so long that he knows how to paint both the large and subtle differences including the birds' beaks.


Martens is inspired by Shih-t'ao (1642-1707), one of the most famous Chinese painters in the early Qing dynasty. He was considered revolutionary during that time because he didn't believe in imitating old masters, while he respected them, he forged his own path.

Karl Martens主要受到清代初期画家石涛的启发,但他创作的时候又不完全照搬别人的画风,而是坚持走自己的道路,并最终形成了自己的风格。

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