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What’s your favorite mooncake?

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn holiday, Chinese eat mooncakes. Today, there are many different flavors of mooncakes available in stores. Particularly unique flavors attract hundreds of 'foodies' from China and abroad.


Dare to try these strange mooncakes?


Crawfish mooncake 小龙虾月饼

This year's new creation, the crawfish mooncake has caused a storm on the internet. The mooncake often consists of four crawfish, abalone mushrooms and vegetables.


Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef  巧克力香辣牛肉月饼

With a chocolate skin and a spicy beef filling, this mooncake combines sweet with spicy. As a girl said to a boy once, "It's impossible for us to be together, chocolate will never be with beef." But today, everything is possible.


Fermented bean curd mooncake 腐乳月饼

A variant of pastry made with fermented bean curd, this mooncake is popular in Chaoshan, south China's Guangdong Province. The pastry is a common sacrificial offering by locals on the first and middle day of each month.


Leek and egg mooncake 韭菜鸡蛋月饼

Chinese people love to fill Chinese dumplings with scrambled eggs. So for the first time, scrambled eggs are used to fill mooncakes, a salty Mid-Autumn day dessert.


Bamboo charcoal mooncake 竹炭月饼

A black-skin mooncake? Are you killing me? This mooncake puts bamboo charcoal powder into the mixture when baking. Supposedly, it can absorb toxins inside our bodies. Want to try?


Dried noodle mooncake 方便面月饼

Taste the dry crunch that goes with the dried instant noodle mooncake. If you need a drink to wash it down, just sip some tea. The mooncakes are marked in a self-mocking way with "Diao Si" or "under-privileged loser" in Chinese characters.


Source: people.cn


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