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Game of Thrones producer to make costume drama on Wu Zetian

Producer of HBO's fantasy drama Game of Thrones will work on a new historical series based on the life of Wu Zetian, the only empress in the history of China, according to a report by Hollywood Reporters. 


Christopher Newman, the brain behind Game, has signed a deal with Starlight Media and K. Jam Media to develop and create 13-episode drama Empress. Starlight Media will fully finance the series, estimated at $70 million, and is reported to shop the project from K. Jam Media to broadcast networks after completion. 

《权力的游戏》的制片人克里斯托弗•纽曼已经与星光传媒和K. Jam Media签约,共同开发和制作《中国女皇》,第一季一共13集。星光传媒将全额投资该剧集,预算为7000万美元,据称还将在剧集完成后从K. Jam Media购买版权,在网络上播出。

Production is set to begin in Sichuan province in late 2017, with a premiere scheduled for 2018. 


Wu Zetian, China's only empress in history, was ruler of the country during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906). Wu was known for her wit and intelligence along with her ruthlessness and desire to achieve ultimate power regardless of means. The series will follow her rise to the top through the court of Emperor Taizong as his favorite concubine. 


Newman will executively produce the series alongside Starlight Media chairman Xu Yan, CEO Peter Luo and Beely Lee, as well as K. Jam CEO Kia Jam. 

纽曼将与星光传媒董事长颜旭、首席执行官Peter Luo和Beely Lee,以及K. Jam的首席执行官Kia Jam共同制作该剧集。

"I am very happy to announce this partnership and am looking forward to working with this excellent creative team to bring the story of the Empress Wu to a global audience," Xu said in a statement. 


"My partner Chris and I have already started to assemble a world-class team and are thrilled to be in business with our friends at Starlight Media. The story of the empress is a story of intrigue, history and power that provides a deep storytelling well that we hope will have numerous seasons to follow," Jam added. 


Starlight Media is a US-based company founded by Xu in 2013. K. Jam Media is an independent film and TV production company based in Los Angeles. Newman, aside from his work in Game of Thrones, has worked on Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace, Notting Hill and Love Actually

星光传媒由颜旭于2013年创立,总部位于美国。K. Jam Media是一家位于洛杉矶的独立影视制作公司。除了作为《权力的游戏》的制片人,纽曼还曾参与导演了《星球大战前传1:幽灵的威胁》,《诺丁山》和《真爱至上》。

Empress is uncast at the moment. 


Source: China Daily


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