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A small target” of China’s richest man amuses Chinese

For an ordinary person, a small target means an iPhone, a decent job, an outbound travel or buying a house. Would he have known that a small target refers to 100 million yuan, he'll feel ashamed to talk about his target openly.  

Recently, a piece of advice given by Wang Jianlin, China's richest man and the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, has become a hit on Weibo, China's Twitter-like social networking site. When asked to give some advice on how the young people would become wealthy in an interview in a reality show, Wang said: "You shouldn't be that ambitious. Set a small target first, like earning 100 million yuan (about US$15 million). 

The statement amused the Chinese net users very much. Some users jokingly commented: "Now I understand, Wang's wealth of 170 billion yuan is actually made up by 1,700 small targets."

Other said: "Thinking of his wealth, this is indeed a small target."

Some even cited Armstrong's famous line in another way, "That's one small step for Wang, but a giant leap for mankind."

Many users made various adaptations for fun. Take a look: 

Set a small target first, like winning a Grammy award. 


Set a small target first, like looking more charming than Fan Bingbing and getting taller than Yao Ming. These are not difficult, just small targets. 


Set a small target first, like getting a full score (150 marks) in mathematics. 


For the young striving for a better life in larger cities, it's inadvisable for them to buy a sea-view villa. Set a small target first, like buying a 200m2 apartment. 


Set a small target first, like losing 35kg in body weight. 


Set a small target first, like attracting 100 million followers for my Weibo account. 


One even offered 9 tips to earn 100 million yuan, jocosely. 

1. For an excellent stock speculator, he needs two or three bull markets; 


2. For a skillful property speculator, unremitting efforts for 10-15 years are needed;


3. For a gifted entrepreneur, more than 10 years is needed; 


4. For a corrupt but lucky government official, at least 15 years is needed; 


5. For a successful office worker, he needs two lifetimes to make so much money; 


6. For one that works abroad and is willing to endure hardships, he needs three lifetimes to make so much money; 


7. For a woman that wants to become rich after getting married, she has to give birth to two or more children, with a man she doesn't love! 


8. For one that has already had more than 1 billion yuan, he needs a sound project. 


9. It's the easiest and fastest way to have so much money for he who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 


Do you have any other ways to earn 100 million yuan? 

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