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Panda Express’ chorks to elevate the dining experience for Chinese food fans

Is it fork? Chopsticks? It's chork, a fork and chopsticks hybrid that features a fork on one end and chopsticks on the other. It's to save the chopstick-challenged the frustration when they eat Chinese food with amateur chopstick skills.

It was firstly announced by Panda Express, the America's largest Asian segment restaurant chain serving Chinese food, that it may offer chorks at the restaurants in the near future. 

The chork is a three-way utensil. It can be used as a fork, a training pair of chopsticks, or, when broken in two, utilized as normal chopsticks.

"The tool is a perfect way to illustrate the mashup of American and Chinese cultures – just like Panda Express. Chorks are a unique utensil that elevate the way people experience their food. While chorks are not currently available at Panda Express locations, there is a possibility that they will make their way into stores in the future," the restaurant chain told the food site First We Feast.

Useful and portable though they are, the chorks will give those chopstick-challenged a new excuse for not learning to use chopsticks. Anyway, using chopsticks is not that difficult. Why not learn how to use them to eat your Asian meal more authentically. Follow the steps below. 

– Hold the upper chopstick like a pencil, about one-third of the way from the top. 

– Put the other chopstick between the bottom of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger. It should be pointing the same way as the first chopstick.  

– Practice opening and closing the chopsticks.

Make sure the broad ends of the chopsticks do not make an "X" as this will make it difficult to pick up food. 

Start picking up food. 

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