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Chinese cities vs. Polish cities

北京 VS 华沙 Beijing versus Warsaw

Beijing and Warsaw are the political centers of China and Poland respectively, and the cities are home to the central governments of the two countries. As the capital city, Beijing has over 20 million people, while the number in Warsaw is far smaller with no more than two million. The Forbidden City in Beijing and the Stare Miasto in Warsaw are the most famous places with both long histories. People in Poland now have the opportunity to travel to Beijing on weekends after the opening of a direct flight between Warsaw and Beijing several years ago.


西安 VS 克拉科夫 Xi'an versus Krakow

Xi'an and Krakow are both famous and historic cities. Xi'an was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, and it also used to be the capital city of 13 dynasties in ancient China, such as the Han and Tang. It has the best preserved city wall in the country and the globally famous Terracotta Warriors have made Xi'an one of the best tourist destinations in China. As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow was the capital of the country for over 300 years. In its supreme period during the 14th to 16th centuries, Krakow was one of the three cultural centers of Central Europe along with Prague and Vienna. Krakow is now known as the most beautiful city in Poland, with many of its classic buildings a reminder of the city's glory in the Middle Ages. Krakow is a must-see place during your trip to Poland.


青岛 VS 格但斯克 Qingdao versus Gdansk

As the most famous port cities in China and Poland, cargo is redistributed from Qingdao and Gdansk throughout the respective nations. Qingdao, facing the Yellow Sea in the south, is one of the economic centers of east China's Shandong province. The world famous Tsingtao beer is produced in Qingdao. The city has preserved many European-style buildings in its old city, and together with its beautiful trestle bridge, attracts many tourist from around the world. Qingdao is also an important military port in China and its naval museum is one of its kind in China. Gdansk borders on the Baltic Sea. The port city is Poland's regional distributional center and it is also a center for shipbuilding and petrochemicals. Most of the old buildings in Gdansk are of the Gothic and Renaissance style. The annual "Dominica" temple fair held in Gdansk attracts many locals and tourists. And also, do you know that Poland is abundant with amber? The storage of amber in Poland is one of the largest in the world. The manufacture and exporting center for amber in Poland is the city of Gdansk and many styles of amber jewelry sold in China are imported from the city.


三亚 VS 海尔半岛 Sanya versus Hel Peninsula

When people speak of vacation spots, Sanya in China and the Hel Peninsula in Poland are key ones. Sanya is located in the southernmost part of China's second largest island, Hainan. It is a city in China's tropical region and it has the best air in China, while Hel Peninsula is Poland's biggest peninsula, and divides Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia from the Baltic Sea. Great beaches on the Hel Peninsula make it a famous tourist and recreation destination in Poland. As Sanya and the Hel Peninsula are the best summer tourist destinations in the two countries, you can rarely find vacancies on the beaches in either during peak season.



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