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4 things to know about Chinese wedding

Traditional Chinese weddings are always filled with red things to bring auspicious blessings and respects. Wedding customs reflect traditions from Chinese philosophy.


Favoring red comes from worship of the sun


The Chinese regard the color red as the symbol of happiness, success, luck, faith and growth. They like red very much, which comes from worship of the Sun. In traditional Chinese weddings, there are double Xi characters in red, red scarves, red flowers and the bride wears a red coat.


The wedding ceremony shows harmony between nature and people


A marriage is not only a merger of the couple; traditionally, it symbolizes the merger of two families. So the wedding ceremony should reflect the holiness of marriage, drawing the attention of relatives and friends. There is harmony between nature and the people inside.


Inviting relatives and friends to the wedding symbolizes the formality and the relationships between people. During a marriage, two families become in-laws. The ceremony reflects the importance and family status of the parents.


After the ceremony, the bride and the groom usually burn money and food as offerings to the gods. As the fire consumes the offerings accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, god accepts the gift, indicating that there is harmony between nature and people.


The sound of musical instruments in the wedding is usually loud to express the voice of the people. The sound should be loud enough to let nature know, and it also demonstrates the importance of the marriage.


The food the bride eats has cultural significance


In traditional weddings, the bride usually has red dates, peanuts, longans and melon seeds. The meaning is evident in the Chinese pronunciation of these four foods. When they are said together, it sounds like "Have a baby soon."



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