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Who should be blamed for women attacked by tigers at Beijing Wildlife World?


People were recently shocked by a video footage capturing a woman attacked by a tiger at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World.  

On July 23 (Saturday), a family of four – a child, an older woman, a younger woman and a man were in the park for a self-driving trip. When they were driving through the Siberian tiger enclosure, the younger woman and her husband were understood to have had an argument. Suddenly, she stormed out of the car and walked to the other side of the car, where she was soon attacked by a Siberian tiger. 

The older woman then followed her out in an attempt to save her daughter, but was instantly mauled to death by another Siberian tiger lurking nearby. The man also tried to rescue his family members, while the child stayed in the car, both unhurt. Finally, the younger woman was rescued by the park staff, and is out of danger now after receiving medical treatment. 

The park, near the Badaling section of the famous Great Wall, is the largest wildlife park in China. The 988-acre park allows visitors to drive their own cars through an open space where the animals roam free. 

Before entering the park, every visitor is required to sign a safety responsibility agreement, which explicitly asks the visitor not to open the window or door, or get out of the car at any point. There are also regular broadcasts every day, reminding visitors of the dos and don'ts. And signs reading "Animals are roaming free, getting off is strictly prohibited!" can be clearly seen in most places inside the park. However, there are still some people that put aside warnings. 

After this incident, the park was ordered to close for "rectification". But the park officials have denied the closure, saying only that the facility is closed because of forecasts for heavy rain. 

Actually, it's not the first time the tigers have attacked visitors in the park. In 2009, an 18-year-old man was killed by a tiger in the park after he scaled a fence with two friends to enter the animals' enclosure. In 2012, a woman surnamed Liu was bitten by a tiger on the face, when she went to the washing room in the south China tiger enclosure. In 2014, a patrolman was attacked to death by a tiger in a Bengal tiger enclosure.  

So, who do you think should be blamed for the attack, the younger woman herself, the park or the local government? Should the wildlife park allow people to drive there? Take a look at some comments below. 

Chinese internet users: 

Thought herself was a tigress? Who knows that the tiger was so starved? 


It again proves that humans are not the top of the food chain. 


Why should the tiger be blamed for the woman's silliness? The younger woman deserves it, as she violates the regulations. It's not the tiger's fault, neither the park's. I'm just wondering how the tiger is now. 

为什么老虎要承担她的弱智行为?自己不遵守规则就要承担后果,老虎没错, 动物园也没错,我只想知道老虎还好吗?

The online comments on the incident can be summarized as following: 

1. No zuo do die. The park should not be blamed.  

2. What a wildlife park! It's worth visiting for its excellent protection of the animals' wildness. 

3. When a tigress meets a real tiger, she will find herself a paper tiger. 

4. People with low intelligence quotient should be knocked out. 

5. The older woman must be the mother, not the mother-in-law of the younger woman. 

6. Distinguish places, even you want to be a tigress. 

7. Going deep into the mountains, knowing well there are tigers there. 


1. 不做死就不会死,动物园无责任! 

2. 不愧是野生动物园,保持动物野性做的不错,值得一去! 

3. 母老虎遭遇真老虎,最后发现自己是纸老虎!

4. 低智商必须被淘汰,这智商活着也没意思!

5. 肯定是亲妈,不是婆婆!

6. 想当母老虎也要分地方!

7. 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行!

The younger woman surely deserves it, but the man is more irritating. When danger happens to the younger woman, her mother tries to save her without hesitation. How about the husband? He's so hesitant. What a good husband and son-in-law! 


The tiger gave the woman a lesson for her not abiding by the rules. 


Beasts are not supposed to be kept in the wildlife park, which is an anti-nature existence. The animals will take revenge sooner or later. 


Foreign internet users: 

Londongirl76, UK 

I feel sorry for them both. The tiger is only doing what comes naturally to it and it should not be punished, but I bet it will be. And the woman was stupid to get out of the car, but how many of us have made stupid decisions in our lives? I know I have. I have hitch hiked in dangerous areas in my late teens, swam in dangerous waters, swam without realising that crocodiles were in the water, downed an unknown drink, and more. Anyone of those actions could have had a nasty consequence and people would say it was my own stupid fault and they would be right. However I was lucky. Many of us get lucky when we do something stupid. This lady was not so lucky though. So yes she was stupid but I still feel sorry for her and her family. Even if it was her own fault, it must have been terrifying and so painful for her and her family.


Johndempsey71, Ireland

Tigers are so evil, awful animals and always killing people.



I hope the tiger doesn't pay the ultimate price for being a wild animal. Both women were beyond stupid.


William Lawson, US

This is why women are unsuitable for certain types of jobs. Their emotions rule them to the point of outright insanity sometimes.


linsey0105, UK

Silly silly woman!! What was she thinking??? Putting her own life and others at risk.


damselle, UK

Oh my God, how utterly stupid! This was entirely their own fault! I feel so sorry for the young child having to witness that and deal with the trauma. 


Susan, Canada

I visited The African Lion Safari once (in Ontario) and there was a car ahead of us filled with (what looked like) Japanese tourists. We were in the 'Savannah' area filled with non-predatory animals like gazelles and other deer… however the family let their 5 year old child out of the car so he could chase them and they took pictures! We honked our horns and they looked at us like 'what's wrong?' SMH… there is no shortage of fools in this world and the above story sadly confirms.


Annabelle Lee, US 

What a sad, sad story! It happened so fast! It seems as though the tiger was not fed enough, making it hungry enough to be that bold.


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